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April H
268 Votes
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Lena Jameson
250 Votes
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Christina Marie
New Jersey
142 Votes
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Alicia Ugarte
130 Votes
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New Jersey
114 Votes
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Courtney Coco
111 Votes
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71 Votes
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Candice Elizabeth
44 Votes
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Courtney Coco

111 Votes

Courtney is a spontaneous person but also prides herself on being organized and meticulous. She enjoys living in the moment, but planning is definitely a necessity in her life. This gives her a strong drive to entertain others. Yoga is one of her favorite hobbies because it brings peace t... read more

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Candice Elizabeth

44 Votes

Hi, firstly thanks for clicking on my profile! Glad I caught your eye and hope you click that vote button ;) I'm a 27 year-old Australian glamour/bikini model based in Western Australia. I took out Playboy Miss Social in August 2014 and have appeared on the cover of 6 international maga... read more

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Katie Belle

0 Votes

24-yr old agency represented Toronto based Model Canadian girl with Serbian & English Background Began modelling this year in 2015 Educated - College, Interior Decorating/Design Passions include: Modelling, Fashion, Art, Design. Experience working with local and international brands... read more

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Nicki Monroe

0 Votes

I am an aspiring model this has been my dream since I was a little girl I've always loved the limelight I do magazines,music videos,acting etc. I am also an exotic feature entertainer this is something I always wanted to do when i want something I work hard to get it.💋 if you guys ... read more

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Elizabeth Ess

10 Votes

My name is Elizabeth Ess and I'm a Toronto based model. I'm a accounting student, bartender and model (a workaholic if you can't tell lol). My pictures have been posted on Maxim SA social media pages but my biggest goal would be to get into the maxim magazine or sports illustrated. I love ... read more

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0 Votes

I have been a Model for 5 years & I've worked hard & enjoy what I do. My dreams are to be on the front cover of a well known Magazine (a woman can dream, right!?) Currently I am a Freelance Model. I have helped out with various Charity Events & Promotions & lots more in the pipeline! Hav... read more

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Miss Social Network 2012 - Emmie Rose
Lifetime Votes: 88,575

Miss October '11 - Alexis Locklear
Lifetime Votes: 78,002

Miss November '11 - Dana Marie
Lifetime Votes: 76,513

Miss June '13 - Heidi Flick
Lifetime Votes: 67,662

Miss February '12 - Meghann Alissa
Lifetime Votes: 63,950

Miss Social Network 2013 - Jen Wilke
Lifetime Votes: 53,343

Miss Dec. '11 - TEHMEENA
Lifetime Votes: 48,908

Mindy Ann - Miss September 2014
Lifetime Votes: 46,768

Miss May '13 - Sheryl Walsh
Lifetime Votes: 42,923
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Playboy's very own Miss March '15 thanks MSN & our fans for supporting her! She was member #4495, and now we have over 21,000 members. Our very own Miss Aug 2013 went on to become a Playboy Playmate...why not you?!

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mmutube video

Behind the scene photoshoot for the Canadian Hotties Calendar

Posted By: Elizabeth Ess

Video of the Canadian hotties and myself shooting for our lingerie calendar

mmutube video

Working with the Canadian Hotties

Posted By: Elizabeth Ess

Bikini contest with the Canadian Hotties

mmutube video

NSQ, MSN, a HUGE thank you for effort, Congrats to Tabu and other updates

Posted By: Lauren Incitar-Miss February 2015

Lauren Incitar thanks her fans for their hard work and effort in the NSQ finals, announces her cessation from actively competing until MSNOY, announces she will be sending signed autographs to all who voted in the finals and congratulates Tabu on her winning the round, and other updates.

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Behind the scene photoshoot for the Canadian Hotties Calendar by Elizabeth Ess

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