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The Miss Social Network Organzation

Our Mission | The Miss Social Family

The primary mission of The Miss Social Network Organzation, and our family of sister sites, is to bring immediate online relevancy to aspiring models. Just as companies optimize Google for Search Engine Optimization and Content Discovery, we provide aspiring models a platfrom to drive social awareness and disoverability to your personal brand...YOU! Align with our recognizable brand to drive exposure by amplifying your modeling portfolio. We help make you RELEVANT!!

A Brand Built for Search & Discoverability for Aspiring Models

We don't use gimmicks such as cruises or international destination get-aways to attrack our members. We provide aspiring models vast resources within your gallery to promote your career. Most importantly, we give you the choice to drive personal brand discoverability through our first-of-a-kind Token System, giving you and your fans the choice to invest in your career and drive personal brand discoverability. Here are the social tools at your disposal within your galleries:

NOTE: We are much more than a competition. Only about 25-50 models choose to compete monthly. Typically, after the first week of a month, it's the models featured in "The Elite 8" that are vying for notoriety and the monthly title. It is your choice on whether you compete monthly. Therefore, we give you the ability to 'turn off voting' within your control panel. Your VOTE button will disappear. Only your Lifetime Vote tally will remain in your gallery.

Amplify Your Exposure through the MSN Family of Sites!

Miss Social Network, and our family of demographically targeted sites, has developed a one-of-a-kind brand that utilizes the power of each individual model’s fan base and social reach. Aspiring models, with similiar interests and demos, create online relevancy here. Every registered model brings their pre-existing fan base (and their super-fans), and they introduce these like-minded people to you. You now will be discovered by a vast base of new fans that would never have found you if it was not through the power of of our brand.

By aligning with our brand, winning models now have the ability to use our name when responding to castings. Our name differentiates yourself from others, especially when applying for promotional modeling opportunities or working with top-level photographers. We give you a voice and provide you a platform, and you can call on us to help you promote whatever you need. As a monthly winner, you will be perpetually featured and promoted within the MSN family of sites. You are now a brand ambassador for us, and we will promote and assist you in any capacity as you embark on expanding your modeling career!

An Investment in Your Modeling Career

The biggest misconception about our brand is when you hear someone say "You buy Votes or You Bought the Win". This is a minority voice that doesn't understand the business model that we created. The same way companies invest in a marketing strategy, you are investing in your personal brand...through our first-of-a-kind token system. Our platform, secured and administered by Paypal, was designed to give aspiring models the choice to invest in their career the same way some choose to invest in a photo-shoot, a publicist, an agency, or a modeling school. We give you and your fans the choice to utilize our token system to drive discoverability your brand.

Our token system allows models with 500 fans to effectively compete against models with 50,000 fans. To be clear,Voting is absolutely FREE and evetry token user and model receives one free daily token. However, models and fans make the determination to invest in their career by purchasing additional tokens to accelerate their exposure. It's your choice. We are here to help you amplify your voice!

The Monthly Competition: Winners Return in January

Each month, the model that attains the most votes/tokens will be named Miss Social for that respective month. In additon to a cash prize, the model becomes a permanent fixutre and brand ambassador for the company. Most importantly, the winning model now ‘automatically qualifies’ to participate in our annual Model of the Year Competition, where all monthly winners from the current year and years past compete for the Model of the Year Title. All 12 monthly winners return in January, as well as all previous winners, to compete to become the face of the company and the “Model of The Year Title”: Previous Model of the Year winners are not eligible to win again.

Please note that we will still have our traditional monthly competition in January, for Miss January (for the models not competing in the Model of the Year VOTE-OFF). January is the most exciting time of the year with two simultaneous competitions taking place!

When Do Monthly Votes Reset?

The competition ends around 12:05am, Easter Time, on the last day of each month. Please do not try and time the reset, as you may miss the deadline. We are not responsible for last minute hiccups with token delivery. Occasionally, when falling on a major holiday (New Years), the contest may be extended by one day. You will be notified if we extend the contest.

Voting: Free Daily Tokens for All Users

Models and Photographers are automatically registered and have the ability to vote. We also monitor IP addresses for irregular voting activity (No More than 2 registered user accounts from 1 IP Address). So please don't try and cheat. Irregular votes will be deleted from your monthly total. You MUST use your tokens prior to the end of the month as they will reset to zero. Again, in order to vote, your fans must register as a TOKEN USER. Encourage them to do so! All registered users will receive a free token daily and they accumulate monthly. You MUST use your tokens prior to the end of the month as they will reset to zero. Again, in order to vote, your fans must register as a TOKEN USER. Encourage them to do so!


How do I purchase tokens?

If you are going to be a regular token user, we encourage you to create a PayPal account. This is recommended but not required. You can still use a credit card when executing your token purchase on Paypals secure site. All Token Purchases are 100% guaranteed! Tokens are to be delivered immediately after purchase. If you have a delivery problem, simply contact us.

To purchase, simply click on VOTE and select the amount of TOKENS you wish to purchase. You will be transferred to PayPal's secure network. Once there, you confirm your order. After ordering, you must click RETURN TO THIRD BASE PRODUCTIONS. (It is a Link that brings you back to the site and delivers your tokens).

Here is the breakdown of purchasing options:

The Casting Process: How to I Qualify to Compete?

Only about 50% of applicants will be accepted. Why is that? As with any competition, we have a concise image that we are working to brand. We DO NOT discriminate based on age, sex, nationality, religion, or any other criteria. But you MUST BE 18 years of age or older. Just as Maxim's Hometown Hotties or Playboy has a selection process, our site reserves the right deny membership into our exclusive club.

What kind of pictures can I upload?

Your profile and pictures represent who you are as a model. Whether your intention is to land in Maxim or Playboy, it's up to you to show your character, edge, and sex appeal. We do not tolerate full nudity (implied nudity is fine - example: a model that is topless, but covers her breasts with her hands). We will not tolerate nudity which defines itself as nipples showing, or nude shots 'below the belt'. But you can take it to the edge of sexiness.

Can I upload videos?

Yes! Models have the option of uploading videos within their profiles, and we highly recommend it! Videos create the best engagement with our fan base! You will stand out from the rest! Please allow 24 hours for videos to be viewed as our staff has to approve your submission. The latest video will be displayed on our homepage for all to see. This is a great way for your profile to go viral!

What do I get for winning a month?

In addition to a monthly cash prize, the most important asset you will receive is having the ability to use our brand when promoting yourself. Through powerful self-promotion, it's up to you, the model what you do with the title. You have us, a powerful brand, to help promote you socially!

We also have sponsors that we are soliciting each month, so please check under the PRIZES tab at the top of the site to find out what else you may win. Our site delivers a brand to align yourself with for life, which may be the most critical piece to the puzzle in launching a successful modeling career.

Advertisers & Sponsors

If you are looking for a way to be recognized throughout the modeling community, as well as the major social networking sites we are affiliated with, and you have a product that may appeal to our models, please contact us (CONTACT TAB). We have amazing programs that will help promote your products worldwide. Become a sponsor!


The Miss Social Network Organization is privately owned by Third Base Productions, LLC, PO Box 181, Wayne, PA 19087.

We reserve the right to delete any model with our without cause, at anytime, including winners. We reserve the right to act in the best interest of the company should we feel that the competitor does not represent the ethics, ideals, or image of our organization. This competition is for entertainment purposes and to provide models with maximum exposure. We have the right to deliver tokens, indirectly or directly, to any model, judge, or photographer, for challenges, or any other reason we deem in the companies best interest. Tokens are non-refundable. Miss Social Network is for entertainment purposes only, and to help aspiring models build online relevancy by aligning with our brand. We have full authority to make decisions in the best interest of the brand.