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Modeling & You

As your Fan Pages grow you become more vulnerable to Scam Artists! Be Careful!

The modeling industry is filled with impressionable young girls, all hoping for a chance to live a glamorous, well paid, model lifestyle. Unfortunately, the industry has also been infiltrated with scam artists who hope to make money from the naivety of inexperienced models. Here are just a few of the most common model scams, and how to avoid them. The Nude Photo Scam Unless you ha.... Read More

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Are you ready for your modeling GO SEE?

Someday you'll hit it big like Tyra, Naomi, and Heidi; when that day comes you'll have casting directors, photographers, and booking agents begging to feature you in their next big ad campaign. Before that day comes you'll have to put in a lot of dedication and hard work to make a name for yourself in this sometimes ruthless industry. The “go see” is an audition for models and making an .... Read More

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Life Cycle of a Model: Stage 4: High-end producing professional model

Based on first-hand industry knowledge from models that have worked in the industry, Miss Social Network has created a road map called "The Life Cycle of a Model". There are five stages for your to grasp, and today, we bring you Stage 4 of 5. It will provide you a better understanding as to where you stand in the development of your career. Many models will never get to Stage 4, but .... Read More

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Life Cycle of a Model: Stage 3: The Agency

Make sure that you have already read the first two stages of The Life Cycle of a Model, previously posted within The Miss Social Network Blog before reading this entry. At stage 3, you have either successfully worked your butt off in Europe to catching the eye of top agencies or you have quickly evolved from a Level II model domestically (without ever going to Europe). Yes, you are fina.... Read More

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Model Scam Alert: If You've Got The Look, Look Out!

** The Miss Social Network Organization will post an article each week, focusing on Modeling tips as well as typical Modeling Scams from around the country. We continue to be a more than a competition, but rather a comprehensive resource center where aspiring models can learn more about the industry ** What could be more flattering? Someone approaches you at the mall and says, "You c.... Read More

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Life Cycle of a Model: Stage 2: Promotional Work & Growth

Make sure you read Level I of the Life Cycle within our blog before reading Level II. After guiding your way through Stage 1, the model now has an established quality portfolio and book together in presentable format (a nice binder, diverse number of pictures). The model continues to enhance their portfolio through photo shoots or additional print work, and they gain experience in unders.... Read More

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Life Cycle of a Model: Stage 1: Development & Education

Stage I: Model Development & Educational Stage Each and every model has to make a conscience decision to break into the industry. Be wary that you are entering a competitive environment unlike any other career; an environment filled with scam artists and unscrupulous characters that prey on the naivety of the young model. By having a clear understanding of the Life Cycle of a Model (5.... Read More

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Scams Galore! What the Pro's Really Think about the Modeling Industry!

Our objective, as the center of your modeling career, is also to help you learn more about the industry, providing the model with detailed information on how to make the most informative decisions as you embark on your career. The Miss Social Network Organization is much more than just a competition, but a resource center for you to use daily. Our staff conducts research each day tha.... Read More

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Why a model tear sheet could be your greatest asset!

Many aspiring models don’t realize how a ‘tear sheet’ can put their career on the fast track! Tear sheets are critical in the modeling industry. By definition, a tear sheet is a term used by the modeling industry to denote a page cut or torn from a publication to prove to the client/agency that the model was published. Agencies often require models to provide tear sheets along with post .... Read More

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Your Portfolio & You! Why It Is Vital?

When you are a model, you want to be proud of what you stand for. Your image is everything and you will always be compared to the person standing next to you. The way that you represent yourself, hold yourself, and the first impression that you give are all important factors in who you are and how people see you. The portfolio that you create as you try to ascertain your first 'tear s.... Read More

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