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Competing at Miss Social Network Gives You a Competitive Advantage in Other Competitions Like Playboy Miss Social!

Posted by   (Jun 17, 2012)

Hello all. It's been a while since I wrote a blog. For those that don't know me, I am Emmie Rose, Miss Social Network 2012. I have been super busy with my new website www.myemmierose.com! Thank you all who have signed up and supported me there, it means a lot. Things are going great and I can't forget that one of the big reasons I have come this far, is right here, Miss Social Network. This place means so much to me.

I want to touch base on some ideas I have been going over lately for you models trying to make it big. I know that Playboy is huge right now and a ton of models want in with them...this is why PlayBoy's Miss Social is booming right now! It is a great brand to be aligned with. Not sure if any of you know this but Playboy's Miss Social works almost the same way as Miss Social Network except Miss Social Network is a bit easier because it does not have those crazy challenges. I think that this is a wonderful stepping stone for those of you who are trying to get into the playboy family! A few of our Models have won PBMS after winning a month at Miss Social Network. Just ask Bre Marie who won Miss June with us here and went on to win Miss July the next month with Playboy. Also Tehmeena won Playboys Miss Social a few months after winning Miss December with us. Miss Dana Marie did it backwards, this works too..she won Miss November here after winning Miss August for Playboy's Miss Social.

Miss Social Network can help you get prepared for the long month of networking ahead of you when you run for one of these other contests like Playboy's Miss Social! You need to learn how to promote yourself and what is HUGE for you is you need to grow your fan base! After I won Miss May my fan base grew immensely and since winning the yearly title in January I am just about at 40K fans!! I really think without Miss Social Netowork I would not even be close to that! If I wanted to run for Playboy's Miss Social I think I would have a good shot because of this. I am happy at the moment just being Miss Social Network 2012 though :).

Playboy Miss Social can be rough, you are going to come across haters and jealous girls trying to take you down.. this site can prepare you for that. It really should be your stepping stone before running. You will learn how to promote yourself, grow your fan base and handle haters, so why not go for it! Along with learning to deal with haters you will get the other aspect of it, the good side..You will meet some other models who are going through the same thing as you and if you work together you can help each other win. I have met some amazing girls here that I love dearly. We are a family. This is a truly special network and whether you are going to run for PBMS or not, you should give this a try. I think every model should sign up even if just for the exposure and having your own on-line gallery to share with all your other networks!

If you do happen to run and win a month, then you have a chance to to win Model Of the Year, Miss Social Network 2013, and be the face of this company for a whole year, like me :). I love it, it has been amazing. It has brought in opportunity's to me, like having people giving me discounts on things like building my website, or sending me clothes to model for them and paying me to be on their site and to promote them. I am so much more known now then I was last year.

So ladies, you have nothing to lose, sign up today and start networking your booty's off! Win a monthly title or just get used to running and how things work, then go to Playboy's Miss Social or just stay here with me, it's fun :).

Have a great week and email me here on the site or on my facebook pages if you ever have any questions or need any help! I'm here to represent Miss Social Network and set an example for other models...let me know how I can help you! xoxo - Miss Social Network 2012 - Emmie Rose.

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(8) Public Comments

Miss February '12 - Meghann Alissa Miss February '12 - Meghann Alissa (Model) Posted on Jun 20,2012 @ 2:00 PM EST

Love the blog Emmie & hope that I can win a month at PBMS too!!! I know that if I do I couldn't have done it without my family and friends from here at Miss Social Network so I agree with your blog COMPLETELY!!! Love you sitter & you know that if you ever try and run over there that I would have your back as well!!! XOX

Karia Karia (Model) Posted on Aug 19,2012 @ 9:10 PM EST


Miss June '13 - Heidi Flick Miss June '13 - Heidi Flick (Model) Posted on Jan 15,2013 @ 5:02 PM EST

Great article!

Paige Louise Robinson Paige Louise Robinson (Model) Posted on Apr 18,2013 @ 12:52 PM EST

gorgeous model.! x

Chanel Renner Chanel Renner (Model) Posted on Sep 26,2013 @ 10:14 AM EST

Hi everyone.

Shawneen - Miss September 2016 Shawneen - Miss September 2016 (Model) Posted on Feb 08,2016 @ 4:28 AM EST

Can you still enter this? XxX

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