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Ginger - Ireland

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Feeling lost

Posted (Jan 27, 2017)

My hands are tied There are times throughout our lives that we stop and sit and think.....about everything that's been, about everything that we want to be, everything we could achieve . The things that worry us and that we cannot change. We aren't just ourselves , we are everyone we've ever met , every hand we've held, every year we've shed, every conversation we've had, every thought, everyone else's words and their deeds.
We absorb everything like a sponge and even though some of us at times may not like to think it. Something we do tomorrow may have been influenced by our love or hate of others. Something that has permeated our very being that we subconsciously act on. I am what I am but I am also what I am not.
I am the wind in the trees, the light in the dark, the soft scurry of feet on the ground as a rat runs passed. I am the big fish in a small pond. The smiles of the elderly couple on a train, the music in the background. I am the tears on the window pane as I stare through the glass. I am the clouds in a storm and It's only just beginning.......... #poetry #art #heart #sad #words #iam #storm #clouds #tears #sad