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Congratulations to Miss Social Network, August 2018, Brieanna Lorraine! She'll return for the Model of the Year competition in a few months!

Miss Social Network 2012 - Emmie Rose - Massachusetts

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It's 11/11/11 and I wish to be MSN 2012!

Posted (Oct 20, 2016)

Yes I know it is early, only 11/11/11 (wow what a date!) but I do have a wish to make on this amazing day..I wish to have all of Team Emmie back on my side in January when we fight for the title of Miss Social Network 2012! I have been working with this company a lot the last couple months and I am proud to be in this family and know I could represent it well. I am social, we all know that and I love to network..so there you go ;).. I also love how a lot of people involved here have become family to me. If we win I will be so happy and if we don't well at least we tried and I will still back and stand by my MSN Fam and my team Emmie!! Love you guys, just wanted to gear you up because we have about 7 weeks to get ready!

Since it is also Veterans Day I would like to take a moment to thank all the Veterans who have given their lives to protect us. Thank you form the bottom of my heart <3