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Ginger - Ireland

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Posted (Jul 23, 2017)

I cannot let you burn me up, nor can I resist you. No mere human can stand in a fire and not be consumed. a s Byatt Read More

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Stolen moments

Posted (Jul 15, 2017)

Stolen Moments--Someone recently told me they were in awe of nature and the things surrounding them, nothing is really ever quite as it seems. Everything is how we perceive through our own eyes. It's only when we stop in brief stolen moments of wonder that we really see what surrounds us . - Read More

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Not over until the fat lady sings

Posted (Jun 24, 2017)

I'd really love it if any of you girls who aren't competing could support me this month. There's one week left and it's close at the moment . I've been competing for 11 months now and I'd really love to swap the runner up position for a win. All support is greatly appreciated I'm stubborn I'm not giving up until I win a month 🙈😊 Read More

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The midnight hour

Posted (Apr 16, 2017)

Hiding out in the darkness, staying out of the light. Everything seems different now I've given up the fight, frayed around the edges, blurred beyond belief, colours bleeding together now my tears have washed the sheet. Time to start a new canvas who knows what the future may hold colours bright and cheerful , characters big and bold......hm Read More

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In the name of art

Posted (Feb 17, 2017)

Just spent 18 hours on this three feet by two and half feet painting . Tribute to John Lavery based on his oil painting in the Ulster museum . Rather be doing some photoshoots though Read More

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Belfast pride

Posted (Feb 10, 2017)

Tomorrow at about 2pm GMT I will upload a selfie to my Facebook profile . I would like to represent Belfast as the face of ginger pride 2018 if you can vote for me please before 5pm the person with most vote likes will win . Many thanks I'm counting on you all . All you have to do is give it the thumbs up Read More

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Check out my music and writing

Posted (Feb 6, 2017)

Why not follow my profile on Facebook I post art, music and short excerpts of poetry and stories . Thank you Read More

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Feeling lost

Posted (Jan 27, 2017)

My hands are tied There are times throughout our lives that we stop and sit and think.....about everything that's been, about everything that we want to be, everything we could achieve . The things that worry us and that we cannot change. We aren't just ourselves , we are everyone we've ever met , every hand we've held, every year we've shed, every conversation we've had, every thought, everyone else's words and their deeds. We absorb everything like a .... Read More

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Creepy redhead

Posted (Jan 25, 2017)

Painted this earlier . She's meant to have eyes closed but when I walked down room then looked at it from the side it has eyes open. I'm not keeping this in room on a dark night 🙊😱.... Read More

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Posted (Dec 28, 2016)

I keep telling my young nephew that trolls are ugly green monsters that live under the bridge at the foot of granny's garden. But I lied! They are people with ugly souls a bit like Dorian Grey only it actually shows in both their actions and deeds. All these groups are here to make everyone feel free to be themselves and to build each other up not put them down!! If you can't say something nice about someone why say anything at all. Not everyone looks the same. No.... Read More

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