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Disclaimer: Models, Photogs, & Token Users Must agree to before registering


By creating an account on this website (Miss Social Network Organization), the model, photographers, or token user is giving permission that Third Base Productions, LLC can utilize any or all pictures in our banners, our marketing collateral, or any other promotional tool Third Base Productions deems appropriate. Third Base Productions has the exclusive use of: photographs, video, electronic and digital reproductions to promote Miss Social Network Organization.

The model confirms that she has the right to enter into this Agreement, that she is not restricted by any commitments to any parties, and that Third Base Productions has no financial commitment or obligations as a result of this agreement.

If the model, photographer, or token wishes to have her pictures/profile removed from our site, please provide a written email regarding this issue.

By posting pictures on this website, the model, photographer, and token user claims that they have the rights to the pictures, the rights to post the pictures, and grants Third Base Productions permission to use the pictures, and holds Third Base Productions harmless from any liability issues that may arise from a third party that claims ownership of the pictures and/or copyright. Tokens that are purchased are utilized for entertainment and exposure purposes only, providing the models an opportunity to gain additional exposure and used an investment in their career. This website is used for entertainment purposes only.

Tokens are non-refundable. Third Base Productions does not verify any information on the models or the legitimacy of photographers or token users, therefore you are purchasing tokens at your own risk, supporting the models on your own volition, and choosing to interact and work with photographers or token users on your own free will. Make sure you complete your own due diligence on all models you support, the photographers you work with, or the token users you choose to interact with and do business with. You do not hold Miss Social Network responsible for any misrepresentation or willful misconduct made by any third party, including models, photographers, or token users.

By clicking the REGISTRATION BUTTON, and uploading pictures to our website, the model, photographer, and token user agrees to the terms and conditions below, and warrants and certifies the following:

I do hereby certify and swear under unsworn declaration of perjury that the following is true:

* I swear that I am 18 years of age or older
* I swear that I am the person in the pictures
* I swear that I have disclosed my correct legal name
* I swear that I have not provided any false or misleading information to Third Base Productions
* I swear that I have the rights to the pictures, allowing Third Base Productions to utilize the pictures in marketing collateral and or banners
* I swear that I am uploading my pictures on my own free will
* I understand that Third Base Productions, Miss Social Network Organization, has the right to delete, remove, or disqualify any model with our without cause, even if the model or their fans have purchased tokens for the month, based on any information that comes to our attention in which we believe may adversely affect the company or the brand
* I understand that token purchases are non-refundable and they may not be delivered in real-time (they may have to be manually delivered at a later date)
* I understand that Third Base Productions has the right not to accept me into the competition if any moral clause is violated, or I don't fit the image the company warrants * I understand the Miss Social Network can provide tokens, directly or indirectly, to any model for any reason at any time during the competition * This competition is for entertainment purposes only, and Miss Social Network reserves the right to act in the best interest of the company

Miss Social Network has the final say on who represents our company at all times and has the right to remove any winner or any model with or without cause. Miss Social Network also delivers bonus tokens to models that participate in our Fan Page contest. We also reserve the right to provide tokens to any model, token user, or photographer at any time.

* By registering, I understand that my email will be added to The Miss Social Network Organizationís database, and I will receive a monthly newsletter via email. I understand that I can opt out of this email at anytime by notifying Third Base Productions directly via email or opting out of the newsletter automatically by clicking on the opt-out link within the newsletter.

Most importantly, by clicking REGISTER, I accept the above terms and conditions as well as this Indemnification and Hold Harmless Clause: I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Third Base Productions, d.b.a Miss Social Network, its officers, owners, directors, agents, and employees from and against any and all demands, claims, and damages to persons or property, losses and liabilities, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising out of or caused by any group, any model, any photographer, any token user or our participants negligence, misrepresentation, or willful misconduct.

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