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Upcoming Prizes

CASH PRIZE MONTHLY! $50 to $200!

Everyone loves cash! And we can promise that by winning the title, it should have a favorable impact on your career! We do provide the models with a small cash prize each month, but we have more sponsors on the horizon! We're working daily to add prizes for our winners! The cash prize can be anywhere between $50 to $200, depending on the month. On average, it has been $50 to $100 Cash.


The most important asset you will retain is the title, Miss Social Network! And you'll be amazed at what doors will open once you promote the fact that you are a monthly winner! When the title is on your resume, it opens eyes! Most importantly, you get to come back in January to participate in the prestigious VOTE-OFF, where we will name the face of our company. This year, the winner will receive $250 for their 2018 Victory!