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Congratulations to Miss Social Network, August 2018, Brieanna Lorraine! She'll return for the Model of the Year competition in a few months!

Miss March '12 - KimberLeigh - New York

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Currently competing in Playboy's Miss Social!

I'm a full-time model and makeup artist from a small town on Long Island, but I have big dreams and like a challenge. I enjoy watching baseball and UFC, gardening, drawing, music, the beach, and everything outdoors! Family and friends are 2 of the most important things in my life and I'm fortunate to have great members of both! I'm a little bit of a tomboy and a girly-girl all rolled into one! Proud to be Miss March 2012 and look forward to meeting and supporting all you other lovely ladies that decide to compete!

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Lindsay Elizabeth - Model (Posted Apr 29, 2018 @ 10.09PM)

Hey there, I'm running for Miss April 2018 I could really use your support this month!

Salvatore Vergone Ph - Photographer (Posted Mar 10, 2018 @ 01.18PM)

Keep in touch and as soon we'll contact you to schedule an appointment and a shooting Salvatore Vergone Ph. - Scout / Training / Promoter / Publlic Relations (No Profit Organization). New York U.S.A. (WhatsApp) Int.l: 001 347-576-9952 - Bellissime Models: www.bellissime.com

Miss February '12 - Meghann Alissa - Model (Posted Jan 18, 2018 @ 07.10AM)

Dropping off some tokens for you beautiful!!! Keep up the good work!!! Xox

Miss February '12 - Meghann Alissa - Model (Posted Jan 12, 2018 @ 06.28AM)

Just dropped off some more tokens beautiful!!! I truly hope you win!!!!

Miss February '12 - Meghann Alissa - Model (Posted Jan 3, 2018 @ 07.07PM)

Hey pretty lady!!! Happy New Year to you & of course you have my support!!! Donít know why I wasnít inluded this year..... you have my full support!!! Good luck xox

Salvatore Vergone Ph - Photographer (Posted Aug 16, 2017 @ 01.27PM)

Fallow me on: www.instagram.com/salvatore.vergone/

Miss June 2017 - Jessa Weston - Model (Posted Jun 16, 2017 @ 11.42AM)

I would love your support this month for the title of Miss June! I hope you're having a wonderful day! :)

Nataliee G - Model (Posted May 7, 2017 @ 11.17PM)

Hi sweetheart! I'm currently running for Miss May and would appreciate it if you could help vote for me throughout the rest of the month :) I'm also running for Miss May in Miss Frisky Friday and would love your support in that contest as well! :) www.friskyfriday.com/profile/93/

Nataliee G - Model (Posted Apr 30, 2017 @ 11.29PM)

Miss Social Network crowns their Miss April in less than an hour and I would love to have your support!

Nataliee G - Model (Posted Mar 11, 2017 @ 11.59PM)

Hi love! I would love to be considered for your support for the title of Miss March :)

Chanel Sasha - Model (Posted Oct 13, 2016 @ 06.10PM)

would love your support if your not supporting anyone this month! :) xoxo

Shawneen - Miss September 2016 - Model (Posted Sep 1, 2016 @ 05.50AM)

Hello, how are you? Would love to have your Support and Votes this Month if you're still Active here as I've been Competing to Win this Title for 8 Months now so finally Winning it would mean so much to me xXx

Shawneen - Miss September 2016 - Model (Posted Aug 5, 2016 @ 01.24PM)

If you're still Active then I would love to have your Support this Month to Win xXx

brandy p - Model (Posted Apr 1, 2016 @ 11.06PM)

Hey! Hope you are doing well! I will be running this month for MSN. April is my birthday month so I would really like to win this month. I hope I can get your support this month. Thanks & much love!

Miss February 2016: Da Leigh - Model (Posted Mar 14, 2016 @ 03.00AM)

Hi KimberLeigh! Is there any way I could get your support this month for Frisky Friday? http://friskyfriday.com/profile/609/ The competition started this evening. xoxo

Shawneen - Miss September 2016 - Model (Posted Mar 8, 2016 @ 07.04AM)

Hiya!! I would LOVE to have your Support this Month!!!! I'm currently in Fourth Place and would LOVE to achieve to be the first ever Irish Model to Win this Title xXx

brandy p - Model (Posted Feb 26, 2016 @ 12.47PM)

Hey! Hope you are doing well! We are getting to the end of the month now and it is a VERY close race. I have been back in forth in first place and would love to finish this month in first and I know with your help and all of our support this month, we can make it happen. I hope I can count on your last minute votes to help me get the win! Thank you so much & much love. XOXO

Miss February 2016: Da Leigh - Model (Posted Feb 14, 2016 @ 04.43PM)

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!! xoxo

Miss February 2016: Da Leigh - Model (Posted Feb 4, 2016 @ 02.45AM)

Hi there! I am running for MSN this month and would love to have your support if you are not already promised to someone else. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a wonderful night!

brandy p - Model (Posted Feb 1, 2016 @ 08.29PM)

Hello! How are you?! I am competing this month to try and win February! I would greatly appreciate it if I could get your support. I need all the votes I can get to win this. Feel free to follow me on my social networks as well. Thanks and much love!