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Miss March '12 - KimberLeigh - New York

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Currently competing in Playboy's Miss Social!

I'm a full-time model and makeup artist from a small town on Long Island, but I have big dreams and like a challenge. I enjoy watching baseball and UFC, gardening, drawing, music, the beach, and everything outdoors! Family and friends are 2 of the most important things in my life and I'm fortunate to have great members of both! I'm a little bit of a tomboy and a girly-girl all rolled into one! Proud to be Miss March 2012 and look forward to meeting and supporting all you other lovely ladies that decide to compete!

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Miss February '12 - Meghann Alissa - Model (Posted Jan 26, 2015 @ 07.22PM)

Kiss kiss my sister!! Good luck!! Dropped off some tokens!! Love you!! XOX

Wendell - Token (Posted Jan 10, 2015 @ 01.41PM)

hope you are having a happy new year

Vergena Fields - Miss June 2015 - Model (Posted Aug 6, 2014 @ 10.35AM)

Hey there! I seen you probably don't have a model to vote for for this month (August 2014). I would really appreciate your votes if you're willing to vote for a girl for MSN. Thank you and hope you have a great day!! :)

salvatore vergone - Photographer (Posted Jun 17, 2014 @ 01.05PM)

Beautiful, compliments from Salvatore Vergone Ph - New York USA

- (Posted Feb 2, 2014 @ 01.20PM)

thanks sweetie I greatly appreciate your support!

- (Posted Feb 2, 2014 @ 11.41AM)

Hello! Just a new girl looking for some support to start things off right! :)

- (Posted Jan 21, 2014 @ 01.52PM)

Hey hun I was wondering if I could get your support for the remainder of this month? Im currently number 2 on the top elite 8, hope to hear from you soon sweetie!

- (Posted Dec 4, 2013 @ 11.25AM)

hey hun, I was wondering if I could get your support for the month of december? Id greatly appreciate it! hope to hear back from you!

Amber Lee - Model (Posted Nov 13, 2013 @ 07.53PM)

Thank you so much! I appreciate it! :)

Amber Lee - Model (Posted Nov 13, 2013 @ 06.58PM)

Hey! I am new here and would really appreciate the support! Thank you sweetie!

Lisa Pinelli - Model (Posted Nov 13, 2013 @ 04.44PM)

hey!! I didnt know you were not on my friends list. Thank you for the sweet message and the support. I need a ton of help :( xo

- (Posted Oct 1, 2013 @ 09.31PM)

hey hun, i hope your week is going well so far and i am running again this month for MSN October and I hope I have your support. xO K.K http://www.misssocialnetwork.com/profile/16954/

Miss Aug '13 - Chelsie Aryn Miller - Model (Posted Sep 10, 2013 @ 01.34AM)

that would be nice maybe one day.. i never get down your way to LI but if i do i will let you know ~xo

Miss Aug '13 - Chelsie Aryn Miller - Model (Posted Sep 3, 2013 @ 12.44AM)

thank you for the support and friendship.. i hope one day out paths will cross so i can thank you in person ~xo

Miss Aug '13 - Chelsie Aryn Miller - Model (Posted Aug 30, 2013 @ 01.04AM)

thank you.. its great to have your support.. i will be holding my breath and biting my nails till its over.. lol

Miss November '13 - Mariah Rivera - Model (Posted Aug 28, 2013 @ 12.01AM)

Hi Sweetie! I'm really trying to win in September!! Please check out my portfolio! I would love your support!! XO

Miss Aug '13 - Chelsie Aryn Miller - Model (Posted Aug 15, 2013 @ 09.55AM)

lucky for me then..!! i welcome your support and advice -- thank you!! ~xo

Miss November '13 - Mariah Rivera - Model (Posted Jul 12, 2013 @ 04.46AM)

Hi Girlie! I would love you support!! Please check our my portfolio ;) XO PS any advice?

Miss March '13 - Abigail Rose - Model (Posted Jun 16, 2013 @ 04.48PM)

hey MSN sister xo! You were so awesome in supporting me in MSN this year!! I was wondering if you could help me out again. I am currently running for Ashley Alexiss' C4TC contest and need your help!! I listed full details on there in my contest section to make things easiest for you Hope fully I gain your support to help beat cancers toochie!! xo

Megan Mai - Model (Posted Apr 23, 2013 @ 12.34PM)

Hey there! I have been out of MSN for a few months working on building my fan base, but I am back and ready to take on the May title and looking for as much support that I can get! I promise to make MSN and their family proud! xox

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