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Miss February 2016: Da Leigh - Oklahoma

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Well, hello there. The name's Da Leigh (it's pronounced Dolly) and I'm 26 years young. I consider myself to be a Jill of All Trades as I dabble in acting, modeling, makeup artistry, sideshow and anything else bizarre that you could think of. I appreciate body modification and I'm an adrenaline junkie! I have been a vegetarian for over 12 years and have three fur babies, all with their own different personality. I have a wonderful, loving husband who supports me in all of my endeavors, a crazy family that I wouldn't give away if I could and a handful of awesome friends. I love my life.

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Cleopatra - Model (Posted Oct 31, 2017 @ 08.57PM)

Please give last moment support for me on MSN October title...Thanks hun

Cleopatra - Model (Posted Sep 30, 2017 @ 10.50PM)

Please support me for MSN September 2017... :*

Cleopatra - Model (Posted Jul 10, 2017 @ 09.05PM)

Please support me for MSN July 2017... :*

Miss June 2017 - Jessa Weston - Model (Posted Jun 16, 2017 @ 11.26AM)

I would love your support this month for the title of Miss June! I hope you're having a wonderful day! :)

Nataliee G - Model (Posted May 7, 2017 @ 11.16PM)

Hi sweetheart! I'm currently running for Miss May and would appreciate it if you could help vote for me throughout the rest of the month :) I'm also running for Miss May in Miss Frisky Friday and would love your support in that contest as well! :) www.friskyfriday.com/profile/93/

Nataliee G - Model (Posted Apr 30, 2017 @ 11.22PM)

Miss Social Network crowns their Miss April in less than an hour and I would love to have your support!

Gingerrock - Model (Posted Apr 24, 2017 @ 07.34PM)

Hi there if you havnt already placed your tokens this month I would really appreciate some support I've been in the top eight for nine months straight . I'd love to win at some stage. Many thanks ginger

Nataliee G - Model (Posted Mar 11, 2017 @ 11.42PM)

Hi love! I would love to be considered for your support for the title of Miss March :)

Gingerrock - Model (Posted Feb 28, 2017 @ 06.05PM)

Hi there I've been competing for seven months now and been runner up a few times I'd love to win this month if you feel like supporting me with last minute votes please. Many thanks

Shawneen - Miss September 2016 - Model (Posted Jan 20, 2017 @ 05.30PM)

Thank YOU ^_^ Hope things keep looking up for you xXx

Adeep Abdul Majeed - Token (Posted Jan 20, 2017 @ 02.17AM)

Why ditched fb ? Something wrong ?

Shawneen - Miss September 2016 - Model (Posted Jan 19, 2017 @ 10.39AM)

That's fantastic Doll!! Well done. I'll have to look out for "Starbright". I've been keeping busy with College and looking after my wee man mostly. Got into a new Relationship and I done a Shoot last year for a Charity Calendar which is now out to purchase in my area plus I've been asked to do another one for 2018 so looking forward to that XxX

Adeep Abdul Majeed - Token (Posted Jan 18, 2017 @ 03.31PM)

Hey :) Im good. Busy with my works and all. What about you ? Hows your life going ? and your work ?

Shawneen - Miss September 2016 - Model (Posted Jan 18, 2017 @ 03.21PM)

Hey Girl! It has been a long time!! I've been keeping very well indeed :) Keeping busy! I hope things are good with you xXx

Gingerrock - Model (Posted Nov 2, 2016 @ 11.33AM)

Hi there how's things? If you are not competing this month I would really appreciate any support you feel you can give me . Many thanks Ginger

Chanel Sasha - Model (Posted Oct 13, 2016 @ 06.08PM)

would love your support if your not supporting anyone this month! :) xoxo

Shawneen - Miss September 2016 - Model (Posted Aug 5, 2016 @ 01.19PM)

If you're still Active then I would love to have your Support this Month to Win xXx

Shawneen - Miss September 2016 - Model (Posted Jul 1, 2016 @ 05.22AM)

Participating for Miss July and not giving up until I Win a Month so please get Voting!! I need BIG Votes so let's see them rolling in!!!! I'm going to change my Profile Picture here so at the minute, let's get to 1,000 Votes to start with :) This is my Birthday Month so if Everyone would like to do/get anything for me as a Birthday Present then you can Win me the MSN Title for July, thank you and much love xXx

Shawneen - Miss September 2016 - Model (Posted Jun 17, 2016 @ 12.26PM)

Hey Doll, if you're not busy then I would LOVE to have your Support this Month xXx

Ndeshy - Model (Posted Jun 14, 2016 @ 01.54AM)

Hi there! I am running for MSN this month and would love to have your support please. Have a wonderful day