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Miss Social Network Videos

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Chasity Dancing

Posted By: Avow Photography & Modeling

A short video of Chasity dancing, come to our site to see 7 different videos of Chasity dancing in different outfits.

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Sweet Talk (Model:Erin Skye)

Posted By: Erin Skye

Video of a recent shoot with photographer Jose Luis in Dallas, TX.

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Posted By:

This video was made in honor of photographer Andrew C. Gellert who passed very shortly after my photo shoot with him on Sept 26 2011. I had known him from different online venues for almost 6 years but we had never met in real life until our photo shoot. He had for years expressed a wish to meet and photograph me, but we didn't do it until I had turned 40 and finally being able to be part of his coffee table book series; Project 40+ "Mature & Sexy" ​ He took me to a beautiful location that he described as "his secret & favorite location". I could easily see why; It was a slice of heaven, shallow waters and a view to die for. See photos here. I decided to re-create the entire shoot we did to show both location and wardrobe, first and foremost with his family in mind, since I was the last person he ever shot and last person he really spent time with. A local film maker approached me and wanted to do this video and help with my tribute when he heard what I wanted to do, so this is the result. Andrews passion in life was women over 40 and most of his photography was women over 40. He never finished his third book, however his friend Jeff Glasser is taking over the project and finally I will be part of Andrew and his life. Rest in peace Andrew and we will meet again!!

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Danaus Photography 2012 Portfolio

Posted By: Danaus Photography

Video Portfolio for Danaus Photography 2012

Watch | Share | Views: 690 | 03/09/2013
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Miss February Video!!

Posted By: Julie Christine

Check out this amazing video a Fan made for me!!

Watch | Share | Views: 1383 | 02/05/2013
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Happy New Year's!! :)

Posted By: Julie Christine

One last video for the year...

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Dancing Around At Photo Shoots Compilation

Posted By: Anna

Dancing Around At Photo Shoots Compilation

Watch | Share | Views: 1677 | 12/22/2012
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Ashley Tallas for Miss Social Network

Posted By: Miss November '12 - Ashley Tallas

Come watch this video to get to know the model you are voting for!

Watch | Share | Views: 1304 | 11/24/2012
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My 1st Video :)

Posted By: Julie Christine

Let's get to know each other better...

Watch | Share | Views: 1380 | 10/20/2012